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We are a multi-disciplinary design & illustration studio creating images, videos & interactive experiences of unbuilt architecture.




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No avocados were harmed while writing this copy

Our design manifesto is not bound to any style or rules. (Unless you consider this as a rule itself)

We believe that growth is not about sticking to what is thought to be good practice. Instead, thinking out of the box and exploring the paradigm's dark crevices are going to bring the progress we seek. 

We like to imagine ourselves as scientists & explorers, examining the synapse between the rational & the romantic, contemporary & antique, discursive & figurative, beginnings & ends.

It is not about opposing either reality or imagination but rather merging them together to understand their complexity. Curiosity motivates us to experiment & interrogate the boundaries of architectural visualization. The anticipation of the end result is what drives our process.

If you want to embark with us on this journey, we are currently available.


We do not grow avocado trees but we can give you a mean recipe guacamole recipe with exact ingredient quantities.

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